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Recently I joined writer and editor Britni Danielle‘s “The Write Pitch” seminar, an online class of sorts where she produces weekly videos designed to help writers break into freelancing. The first session focused on why one wants to pursue writing as an occupation.

The three questions that prompted serious consideration were:

1. What do you hope to gain by becoming a professional writer?

2. Describe your ideal life and how writing fits in it.

3. Are you prepared to go into business for yourself?

In thinking about my answers, I dug deep and came out feeling quite certain about my goal of becoming a professional writer. I truly appreciate her for posing these questions because examining the meaning behind one’s actions can sometimes shift perspective and reveal things that may not always be evident. Nevertheless, I’ve always been quite sure that writing is my calling.  I’ve kept a journal since I was a 9-year-old, babbling about my crush or documenting the daily happenings on the bus ride to school.

Today, I am a married woman in search of personal, spiritual and emotional freedom and fulfillment. But inside, that 9-year-old lingers, waiting on me to re-commit to her craft and document my life experiences so others may learn from my ups, downs, joys, mistakes and successes. Thinking about why I want to write was very enlightening and prompted me to create this post. Below are my responses:

…please allow me to keep it all the way honest for a minute when I say that I am DONE with the rat race. I don’t wanna go to anybody else’s office, and continue being paid for some larger-than-life entity to ration out my time and responsibilities. Is this not my life to live? Presently, I feel confined and as if it’s against my very nature to continue this pattern of “punching the clock.” On average, people spend more time on the job than anywhere else, so why not spend that time doing something that fulfills, uplifts and sets me free, instead of something that bores me, pisses me off or keeps me feeling closed in and stunted?  Yeah, yeah, it pays my bills and I love eating and sleeping within the confines of a few walls and a roof, but still, there’s a better way to go, so why not pursue it?

So succinctly put, I hope to GAIN freedom and personal fulfillment. I hope to gain a platform through which I can unleash my truth, thus utilizing an ability that is very empowering and is something NO ONE can take away from me.

MY IDEAL LIFE involves freedom in all aspects. Writing grants me this. It frees my heart from worries, it frees me from emotional entanglement, and if I can be paid to do it, I will be free from a portion of worldly bullsh-t that comes along with working on someone else’s behalf. Much like building a story, I would like the tone and setting in which I work to be something I crafted, the climax something I had a hand in, and the denouement full of delicious joys and experiences of my making. Not a laundry list of tasks my supervisor outlines for me to complete before the day’s end. Blech.

Which leads me to the third question: Am I ready to become a businesswoman? I’m not naive enough to think it’ll be a cakewalk that won’t come with its share of BS. But it’ll be worth it because at least it will be in pursuit of something that yields rewards beyond money. I may not be crazy about the job I have now, but it has prepared me for this in ways I will come to appreciate when its time to chase down that person to pay me for something I wrote. When it is time for me to assert myself I will be ready. Organizational skills? Check. Ability to multi-task and work independently? Check. Communicates well with others? Check. Leadership abilities? Check. I have a lot more to learn, but I’d say that’s a pretty good start. I’ve already made steps towards becoming a businesswoman and I can honestly say that yes, I am ready.

What are your professional goals? Have you given thought to why this is your chosen path? Feel free to leave comments.



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