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During a recent episode of VH1′s “Hollywood Exes,”  I watched the group of glamorous celebs’ ex-wives engage in a few rounds of a good ol’ drinking game called “Never Have I Ever,” in which one person names an activity they’ve never participated in, while the persons who have indulged in that particular activity are required to take a shot. Their activities of choice mostly involved experimenting with drugs and various sexual exploits, but it got me thinking about the people I’ve spoken to and some of the things I’ve heard people say they’ve never done or experienced.

The first person who came to mind was my grandma. I’m pretty sure she’s bypassed all the stuff these ladies copped to, but in addition to that, she also never learned to drive. Then, there’s my sister-in-law, a 41-year-old wife and mother who hasn’t had so much as a sip of alcohol. As someone who has gone through somewhat of a wino phase, I admire her ability to bypass the booze. I doubt she’ll break down and have a sip of the sauce anytime soon, but I try to keep my camera handy just in case she does.

One time I was discussing my travel plans with a co-worker, she told me she’d never been to the beach. I gasped because even though the nearest beach from my home is about 300 miles away,  I refuse to allow distance to keep me away from my beloved ocean waves. In my co-worker’s case, the sucky part is that she’s visited California a couple times, L.A. in fact. But circumstances beyond her control prevented her from sticking her feet in the sand. Therefore, I’ve started a one-woman campaign to get her to take a trip to the beach sooner than later.

Thinking about everyone’s “nevers” made me think about the list of things I have yet to do, but really want to, and with a birthday on the horizon, I have decided to adapt a new approach to life and go for things I’ve always wanted to try without hesitation. My list includes:

  1. Traveling to Europe. I’m aiming for 2014.
  2. Take singing lessons. My piano teacher also offers voice lessons and has encouraged me to take them, but I’m afraid and kinda shy. We’ll see.
  3. Competing in a fitness competition. I realize this is a specialized situation, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I work out regularly with a personal trainer, so going for this wouldn’t be a long shot, but for some reason I’ve convinced myself that it is. *hangs head*
  4. Learning to swim well. I emphasize the word well because I can swim, a little, but not enough to save my life. Considering the fact that I’ve been in more boats than I care to remember, snorkeled in the Gulf of Mexico and flew to Hawaii (four hours of flying over nothing but water!) this needs to be addressed, like, yesterday.
  5. Doing my own makeup. This post on beauty rituals really helped me realize that I have some work to do in the girlie department.
  6. Learning to drive a stick shift. If I want my husband and I to be considered as serious contenders on “The Amazing Race,” this is a necessary skill.

My personal goal for the upcoming year is to continue crossing things off this list. Life is too short and whatever you want to experience should definitely be added to the pile. After all, “Veni, vidi, vici” sounds sophisticated and rolls off the tongue a lot easier than “shoulda woulda coulda.”

What are some experiences you would like to have? What’s holding you back?


4 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever…”

  1. This game has opened the floodgates to many a secret and freaky past – not mine, but folks I played the game with. Until I can drive a stick shift I won’t consider myself a “real” woman.

  2. Since about age 10 or 11 I’ve wanted to learn to play the piano. My admiration for pianists grew stronger when Alicia Keys came out circa 2001-2002. She was all types of sophisticated and cool, and I remember wishing my mom had the money for piano lessons, but we were on welfare (still are). And thirteen years later, money is still the factor holding me back. The struggle is REAL! *sobs silently*

  3. I JUST had this same convo w/a co-worker. I started taking lessons in grade school, but after my teacher quit my parents couldn’t afford private lessons. I was so heartbroken. Years later, when I had a job, I bought a keyboard and learned a few songs on my own, until I thought, why not take lessons? I Googled teachers in my area and found someone and that was four years ago. I’m no Beethoven (40-minute session/once a week), but I have a basic understanding and I can play several pop/classic songs. I saved up money for a better keyboard, and I bought a used piano off my dad’s friend (that I recently sold on Craigslist). And I know about that struggle, believe me. Sometimes I skip a week if necessary, but having that creative outlet and doing something I waited YEARS to do feels great, so I hope you can take lessons soon.

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