Goals For May 2015, Because Planning Downtime Is a Must

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If I had to sum up the past several weeks of life, the one word that best describes it would be whew. That’s less of a word and more of a sound, but since I’ve been moving at light speed since mid-March, whew it is.

That’s also a great way to describe how I feel about the fact that it’s already May! Anyway, I have a lot of things to get straight this month, but I’m trying to be careful about overwhelming myself. Joining in on the monthly goals linkup hosted by Drea from The Drea Daily was high on my priority list, so it’s time to get my goals for May out in the open already.

Travel to DC

For the past couple of years, my best blogger friend and writing partner Andrea at Be-Quoted and I have discussed meeting up ever since we met online via Britni Danielle’s The Write Pitch course. After endless emails, texts, tweets, online chats and phone conversations, it’s high time we met in person. The goal is to travel to DC where we can finally connect in person. This is already in the works, so I feel confident it will come to fruition.

Get Some Friggin’ Rest

To put things in perspective, I haven’t spent a full two weeks in a row at home since early March. Since then, I have literally been all over the globe from Atlanta to Mexico to Tokyo. With freelancing though, I no longer have the luxury of paid time off, so before, during and after some of that globe-trotting, I was working, and I still haven’t given myself time to recover because…more work. Clearly, my work-life balance is all out of whack and I’ve just been doing way too much. Before May 31 arrives, I need to designate at least a couple of days to doing absolute nothingness. Wake up. Breathe. Eat. Dassit.

Do Something (Anything!) About My Hair

UGH. My hair. I am so sick of hair-related stress I don’t know what to do. I like to exercise regularly but relaxers and sweat are enemies. But I wore it natural for 11 years and I won’t soon forget the headache involved with pulling it into a simple bun, so yeah…that’s a no. Now I’m wearing a relaxed bob and recently came thisclose to shaving my head completely, but I only made it to a partial undercut (I say partial because with the small amount of hair I cut, the style’s barely noticeable). But before this month’s over, I’m going to either fully commit to the undercut and shave a little more off the sides or shave my entire head. I’m so serious because I refuse to devote any more energy to worrying about my hair.

Speaking of Worrying, Here’s to Learning How to Not Give a Fuck

Reading this article titled “How Not To Give A Fuck” opened my eyes to the fact that I devote way too much energy to inconsequential stuff! Aside from the author’s extremely ageist rant, it’s pretty effective at driving home the point of why we should be especially careful about the energy we expend on people, things or situations. Once I learn to master the art of preserving my fucks, I swear I will have some much-needed peace of mind.

That’s all for May! So that my sanity can remain intact, anything else is gonna have to wait until next month.

What are your goals for the month? Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Goals For May 2015, Because Planning Downtime Is a Must”

  1. Heeeeeeey! Thanks for the shootout! I am so excited to have you on my side of the globe! See ya soon. We have LOTS to discuss.

  2. Haha- I certainly will take a page from the no fucks given book! I can totally relate to all your goals. My best friend lives in DC and has been badgering me for years to visit- and I’m only in New York!

    Rest is like the sweet taste of heaven I can never get enough of. *sigh*

    As for your hair, I went natural a year ago because I was tired of the shaving, growing back, perming, touching up, primping, propping and everything so I decided a drastic change might keep me entertained for longer.

    Good luck on your goals this month. I’m right here with ya!


  3. Oh yeah, you should totally go visit your best friend! I love having friends out of town to show me around, so hopefully you can get down to DC soon.

    Sigh, if we could find a way to get paid to rest then we’d be onto something, right?

    The hair is killing me! I think if I go natural again, it might be easier this time around thanks to all the YouTubers and natural hair bloggers who didn’t exist when I did it the first time.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting Stella!

  4. Hi Iris! I’m glad you stopped by even this post is super old lol. I’ve been working pretty much nonstop, which was the complete opposite of this goals post, but I’m finally about to put a stop to that. I look forward to getting back to blogging and checking out your posts as well:)

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