My First #AskAwayFriday with Mrs. Tee of LoveLifeLaughter



OK, so I promise myself and the world that now that I’m freelancing full-time, I will dedicate as much time to my blog as I do to the rough and tumble world of pitching and networking and finding people who wanna pay me to write and edit stuff. So with that, here’s my attempt to dedicate myself (again) to routine posts.

#AskAwayFriday! I met Mrs. Tee of  LoveLifeLaughter through a #SITSSharefest on Twitter and I thought participating in this exchange with an established blogger could help me familiarize myself with how things go in this here blogging world. I’m trying to get my feet wet and put myself out there in a way I’ve been afraid to do so far. But bloggers like Mrs. Tee give me hope and encouragement! She’s an AWESOME blogger who’s found great success in a short period of time. Reading through her blog, I learned about her family, her interests and that we have a lot in common! Her dedication to blogging despite a HUGE (and lovely) family shows me that it’s possible to do something you love and be really good at it if you stay disciplined and dedicated!



She asked me some off-the-cuff questions that had me LOL’ing, which I tend to do a lot. Check them out, along with my responses below:

 1. What is your favorite hot day lunch? Sandwich, Salad or Smoothie?

Um, when I say I’m a HUGE eater…none of these would cut it for me LOL! But if I had to choose, I’d go with a sandwich.

2. Are you sarcastic or straight forward?

I’m sarcastic, but not in a jerky kinda way. I can be straight forward depending on my mood and the subject. I really loathe when I ask someone a question and they beat around the bush. In that situation, yes I’m straightforward. And I frequently sprinkle my writing with sarcasm.

3. Has either you sarcasm or bluntness ever gotten you in trouble?

In person, it has been known to piss off my husband, but that’s mostly when he doesn’t get it, which unfortunately happened when we first met. Now, I know better. I try to get to know the person before unleashing my sarcasm.  I’m wondering what you read on my site that makes you ask me this…LOL.

4. Shoes tied or untied when you take them off?

OMG, I used to be so concerned about this! But I don’t have time, so I kick ‘em off without even thinking…Come to think of, where are my shoes…

5. How many keychains do you have?

I have a few that I collected from traveling,  but I don’t really use them. I had a friend in high school whose keychain was so ridiculous and loud and that changed my entire outlook on keychains haha…

6. On a hot day do you still drink hot (coffee or tea) or only cold (shakes water iced tea/coffee)?

Well, I will but if you’ve experienced any form of Texas heat (which can strike at a moment’s notice, even if it snowed yesterday), you will run for the first cold beverage. So typically I gulp down anything that’s cold and stay away from stuff that makes me sweat even more than the sweltering heat and humidity.

7. Do you prefer poolside or sitting in the sand?

Without a doubt, the SAND!!! I was just on the beach in the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago. Ahhh, how I miss the sound of the ocean waves…I’m convinced that in a former life,  I was a beach bum. I’m trying to get back there, but the whole bum thing isn’t working out that well for me…I got bills, ya know.


On the beach in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

On the beach in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

8. What did you eat so far today?

Uhhh, *hides face* See, what had happened was…Let’s just say it wasn’t healthy lol.

9.  What’s is the last song you heard?

I’m not ashamed (well, just a little bit) to say it was New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love.” I had a lot of writing to do today, and for some reason old R & B sparks my creativity.

10.  I am in love with your story of finding your ‘niche’. What advice would you give to someone else searching for their place?

Whew, I feel like a hypocrite answering this because I still don’t feel like I know my place. I’m still trying to find my way. So far, that’s involved trusting my gut, which is a bit of a struggle for me. But yeah, that’s my answer and I’m sticking to it. Do what feels right for you. Do what you would do if no one else was watching.




15 thoughts on “My First #AskAwayFriday with Mrs. Tee of LoveLifeLaughter”

  1. Thanks for the compliments. I’m flattered. Amazing answers. We DO have a lot in common. When Hubby met me the first thing he said was Dang you eat like a guy! Hey might as well let him know up front right? :D I am also very sarcastic and it can be mistaken as redness by those who don’t catch on. It’s a family trait. I didn’t read anything perhaps my sarcasm sensed yours? LOL This was so much fun an. I look forward to staying in cont to and watching you find your place because I know it’s a special one.

  2. Thanks for the support! I truly appreciate it. Glad to know we’re sarcastic kin lol. I will definitely stay in touch via Twitter, FB and other linkups!

  3. Great answers! I’m new to blogging too and have been really inspired by Mrs. Tee’s drive and success. Keep at it, you’re doing a great job.

  4. Thank you! Glad to connect with new bloggers. And yes Mrs. Tee puts my efforts to shame lol. Trying to get this writing thing going takes a true balancing act.

  5. LOL yeah I hate getting home and having to dump sand outta my luggage, but I luuurve the beach haha. Thank YOU for reading and commenting!

  6. Great answers. I know that finding a niche is pretty tough. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do when I first started blogging. I started with a small site and then rebranded once I was confident in my writing skills and learned that people were actually reading my content.

  7. Thanks! yes, I’m still working on fully embracing my voice instead of always second-guessing. I’ve been taking my time and kind of easing into it. We’ll see where it goes from here. Thanks for commenting!

  8. I have no niche. My niche is no niche so I like your answer. I’m also sarcastic but mine can be in a harsh/mean way so I have to keep it in check. It’s nice that yours is the nicer sarcastic. Loved your #AskAwayFriday!

  9. You know what…the more I read people say that they have no niche, the less I care about having one. I don’t know if that’s smart on a business/promoting blog level, but I’m not at that point anyway so I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. It’s honestly helping me stay true to myself when posting instead of trying to cater to a specific audience. Far as sarcasm, I have to keep mine in check as well bc not everyone gets it (which is unfortunate lol)…Thank you for reading & commenting!!!

  10. Hello Kenya! Welcome to AskAwayFriday! Let’s see.. I think I share with you the sarcasm and being straightforward part but I’d have to know the person first, that’s true. Most of the time I get sarcastic to my trainees when they keep asking questions that I’ve already answered or questions that are answerable by common sense. LOL.

    I’d also prefer sand over pool side and like you I can’t say I’ve already found my niche, I’m blogging about being a working mom but in truth, I’m just blogging about what I can think of. :)

  11. How wonderful to get to know you, and welcome to the #AAF family! I used to work with a guy who had so many keychains that you could hear him coming up the hall! LOL! I love sarcastic! It adds a bit of spice, though sadly I am not super quick on the draw! I am mom to three a tween, teen, and adult and they definitely keep me sharp! I wish that I lived nearer to a beach, instead of the middle of Illinois. Hope that you have an amazing weekend!

  12. Hi Rea! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I knowwww I gotta work on that sarcasm thing but I kinda have one of those “never meet a stranger” type personalities and I’ve come to realize not everyone appreciates that lol. Luckily my husband moved past it. Now he just rolls his eyes and sighs deep. Such is married life :-)

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who prefers the sand!!!

  13. Hi Stacey, thanks for welcoming me, glad to be here. So you know exactly what I’m talking about w/the keychains. They drive me insane! I live in Dallas and the nearest beach is 300+ miles away so I definitely feel your pain. Enjoy your weekend too :-)

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