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I’m Kenya, a freelance writer/copy editor from Dallas who’s banking on making some big bucks when my old journal entries turn into an award-winning novel that’s subsequently optioned as a blockbuster film. Whenever that happens, I’ll be sure to post about it here.

In the meantime, I started lifestyle blogging to hone my writing skills, develop a stronger voice and to share some of my personal experiences that I hope readers will find funny and relatable.


I’m an entertainment writer for Bustle, and my work has been published on Clutch and Tea & Breakfast. For some godforsaken reason, I cannot. Stop. Writing! Yes, I’m one of those tortured creative types and it truly is out of my control. Ah, well…


Geek alert: I like spelling and appropriately punctuated sentences. If it wasn’t for the word “kincaid” I would’ve won my 5th grade spelling bee.  I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Professionally, I started out as a volunteer copy editor for The Daily Source. Currently, I combine my love for grammar and reading celebrity gossip as a freelance copy editor for Necole Bitchie.

On KG-Edits, you’ll find posts about writing, career, marriage, family, fitness, wellness, random rants and everything in between.

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I can be reached via email, or hit me up on Twitter @KGEdits!

Welcome and enjoy!

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