4 Reasons My Thanksgiving Was Non-Traditional


Usually I tend to develop some major anxiety and irritability (read: flip the f*ck out) if my husband and I don’t partake in at least one traditional Thanksgiving activity.  I don’t know why but I just have this thing about formally acknowledging a holiday, which used to pose a problem because my better half isn’t big on celebrating. When we first started dating,  he once called me on Thanksgiving from a Jack in the Box drive-thru. In my opinion, consuming fast food on a holiday is a complete travesty, but he saw nothing wrong with it.

Fortunately,  since then we’ve created a few of our own traditions, but what I most look forward to is him frying a turkey the evening before Thanksgiving. The entire house smells like Cajun spices and it helps to get me in the holiday spirit.

This year’s Thanksgiving was really non-traditional, at least compared to the stereotypical holiday gatherings of tons of rowdy friends and family, excessive amounts of food and cool, gloomy weather. Who knows what kept my meltdown at bay—perhaps it was the aroma of fried turkey or the near-70 degree sunny weather.

Either way, here’s what made my Thanksgiving surprisingly non-traditional:

I only ate one plate of food: Yes, you read that right—my actual Thanksgiving appetite didn’t quite measure up to the insatiable appetite of my dreams. The food was good, but it was one of those situations where I drank soda and the subsequent bloating didn’t leave much room for seconds. Plus, I left my sister’s house before I grew hungry again.

There was no family drama: While lurking on social media, I noticed that some people were posting about huge family revelations, being grilled about their life choices and the usual chatter that comes along with holiday meals with the family.  On the other end of the spectrum, I had Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house and the guests included myself, my husband and one cousin. With such a small crowd , the drama was pretty much non-existent (We expected our cousin to make a huge announcement but that didn’t happen.)  The only actual drama came via text from my mom who traveled to our hometown in Louisiana and reported some unfortunate family news, but thankfully I wasn’t there to get caught up in the fallout. As I’ve written before, all family isn’t good family.

We didn’t do much house-hopping: Being from a small town where a ton of relatives live within a few miles of one another, house-hopping to visit everyone (and eat their cooking) is a tradition I particularly enjoy on Thanksgiving and other holidays. But this year, after I left my sister’s I made a quick stop by my mom’s house to drop off a plate to my dad, who skipped the trip back to our hometown.  My mother-in-law should’ve been on our list of stops but had a last-minute change of plans and was already in bed by the time we left to visit her house.

No “Who is this?” text messages: You know…those responses that come when someone inevitably replies to a mass text. Surprisingly, I didn’t receive any of those this year and I didn’t miss them either.

Also, I only had one single brownie for dessert, didn’t get drunk (shame, isn’t it?) and didn’t bother perusing the newspaper ads or the Internet in search of irresistible Black Friday deals, thanks to the disheartening events going on in Ferguson, Missouri.

Despite the non-traditional day, I’m relieved to say that I still managed to have a great holiday. Maybe my priorities have shifted. After all, there’s no hard and fast rule that deems a holiday unsuccessful if it doesn’t involve a big fuss. In the end, I’m just  grateful for having a day that was filled with love, peace and simplicity.

Did anyone else have a non-traditional Thanksgiving? If so, how did you feel about it?



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4 thoughts on “4 Reasons My Thanksgiving Was Non-Traditional”

  1. By most standards, I’d say that I had a traditional Thanksgiving. My mom and Nana cooked all the good food, we all pigged out and had at least two plates that evening. Although there was no drama, there was a heated but brief debate among the family about the Ferguson situation. Oh, and like you, I didn’t get any of those annoying mass “Happy Turkey Day” texts. So grateful for that. Man, I would’ve liked to be somewhere with sunny 70-degree weather – lucky you!

    Drea – http://thedreadaily.com

  2. I also went to my sister house. It was me, my dog and husband. My mom came over early because she had to work that day. We had a lot of food, however I did not pig out either. I did make up for it the next day when all I did was lay around and eat. When I was a kid I use to house hop a lot. However, in recent years I found that one house is good enough. I did stop by just to show my cousin some love and I am glad I did her guess never showed, (talk about family drama). I learned long time ago that small gatherings are nicer.

  3. Yeah, I used to be really hung up on quantity when it came to holiday gatherings, but I’m slowly beginning to adopt your mindset. Smaller gatherings are just fine with me now because it’s just less stress to deal with. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. Hey Drea! OMG I just could not deal with any more Ferguson discussion. It’s been weighing so heavy on me and my sister (the one who hosted) should’ve been a news reporter because she constantly updates me w/details about what’s happening even after I’ve chosen to disconnect. So yeah, I had to cut that convo short. Amen to no mass texts lol! And yes girl, our weather has been great. I’m so thankful. Thanks for commenting!

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